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Organization Chart

Organigram (17/09/2014)

1 Eugenio Schneider Chairman and CEO
Responsible of Development, Human Resources, Finance and Accounting
Secretary: Amira Paz
2 Ing. Agr. Carlos Mauro Fuidio General Manager
In charge of Export department, Cattle purchase and Finances
Secretary: Marcela Delaloye
3 Diego Martinez Head of Industrial Plant and Production
Ing. Al. Antonella Goyeneche Product Quality Director
Marcelo González Head of local Local Market Sales and Stock
Carlos Nuñez Head of Plant and Workshop
4 Ma. Eugenia Schneider Finances Chief
Elena Carriquiry Purchase Department Chief
Adriana Camacho Head of Human Resources
Ruben Calabuig Plant and Workshops Foreman
Rosendo Darriulat Masonry Work Foreman
Federico Traiman I.T. Department Chief
Alejandro Acosta Informatics Infrastructure Chief
Cr. Federico Vuille Accounting
5 Roberto Bianchini Cattle Purchase
Mauro Lopardo Accounting
Vanessa Bica Relations and Reception
Sergio Valdomir Cold Room and Loading Foreman
Dra. Natalia Modernell Animal Welfare
Jean Carlos Bica Production Foreman
Alfredo Merello Purchase Department Manager
Federico Estefanell Supply and ElectroMechanic workshop
Denis Martins Informatics Infrastructure Foreman